American Sign Language Classes

ASL is more than just knowing how to fingerspell the alphabet. Let our experienced teachers take you from hearing to fluent with professionally tailored classes in-person or online to match your schedule.

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American Sign Language Classes

Whether your goal is to communicate with a hard-of-hearing colleague at work, you want to learn to flirt at the bar, or you’re just a curious, lifelong learner, our experienced sign language teachers will help you become conversationally fluent in American Sign Language. The key to learning a new language is balancing cultural immersion and a safe-place to practice and make mistakes. Our ASL teachers are some of NYC’s finest, because they are Deaf! You wouldn’t want to travel to Italy for a tour led by an American. In the same way, learning sign language from a hearing person doesn’t provide the immersive environment that the brain needs to acquire a new language.

That’s why our Deaf ambassadors provide you with an immersive linguistic and cultural experience that will not only teach you ASL but also educate about cultural norms, etiquette, and history within the Deaf community. Furthermore, the ambassadors aim to make our learning experience a fun one by integrating games and challenges designed to get your hands up, your brain working, and make you laugh along the way.

Classes are designed around your schedule, may be in-person or online, and are as large or as small as you prefer. Meet with a teacher 1-on-1 or invite your colleagues, friends, and families for a more interactive learning environment. Learn sign language at your preferred pace and be introduced to a new community full of exciting people, stories, and opportunities.