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Sign Language Interpreting & Caption Services

To submit a new sign language or caption request, complete the form below and our team will be in touch within an hour to confirm. Alternatively, for Accessible Media Services, please use this form.

If this is a last-minute request for same-day or next-day services, please call (347) 927–5770 to secure your services with one of our friendly coordinators.

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Cancel or reschedule your services up to 48-hours (business) before they start .

Our providers are credentialed, insured, and individually-selected for every request.

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If you’re unsure which service best suits your needs, contact our friendly coordinators.

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How do I schedule services online?

To schedule online, all you have to do is provide some simple details about the services you need, who or what the services are for, and a date and time for your services to be delivered. Once a coordinator receives your request, they will assign an appropriate professional and follow up with an official confirmation. It’s just that easy!

Can I reschedule services after submitting a request?

Reschedule: Request modifications are processed during regular business hours and require a minimum of 48-hours’ notice from the scheduled start time. Modifications to the service type, date, time, number of interpreters, or nature of the request which are received under this time frame are considered untimely and may result in additional charges.

: Cancellations are processed during regular business hours and require a minimum of 48-hours’ notice from the scheduled start time. Cancellations received under this time frame are considered untimely and will be billed in full.

How many service providers do I need?

Scheduling multiple providers ensures the accuracy and quality of interpreting services. If your request is longer than 75-minutes of simultaneous interpreting, two service providers will be required. Similarly, if your request is of a legal nature, two interpreters are required to ensure accuracy of the record. Transcription and Caption (CART or TypeWell) services do not require multiple providers unless you have two or more meetings or presentations happening simultaneously. Still not sure how many providers you need? Give us a call (347) 927-5770 or send us an email at

What is the minimum I can request a service?

As per the standards of the professions, all in-person interpreter and transcription services are booked with a two-hour minimum. Remote interpreting and transcription services may be booked with a one-hour minimum.

What is a Deaf interpreter?

A Deaf interpreter (also known as a DI or CDI) is a professional who identifies as deaf and has exceptional knowledge of sign language varieties, Deaf culture, and rights advocacy. Deaf interpreters work in a team with one or more hearing interpreters to provide an exceptionally clear interpreted message easily understood by deaf immigrants, individuals with multiple disabilities, and or Deaf individuals in a specialized setting. Specialized settings that may warrant the use of a Deaf interpreter include Deaf-blind interpreting, medical interpreting, legal interpreting, or document translation. Unsure whether a Deaf interpreter is right for your request? Get in touch with a coordinator by calling (347) 927-5770 or emailing

When will I get a confirmation?

Once you have successfully submitted your request, our coordinators will begin evaluating which of our service professionals will best fit your needs. Once a service provider is scheduled, you will receive an official confirmation in your email box with the service details, including the date, time, and name of the provider(s).

Can I request services another way?

Sure can! If you have additional questions, hesitations, or simply prefer dealing with a live person, you can contact a coordinator to schedule your services by calling (347) 927-5770 or emailing

Do I pay the services providers on site?

No. On the date of your services, you should neither offer nor be asked to provide payment to the service providers. All payments can be issued online, over the phone (347) 927-5770, or by mail.

Need to change something? Send an email or message us in the chat at any time.

Have a question? Our coordinators are available via email, phone, and messenger.