Conference Sign Language Interpreting and Translation Service

Conference Sign language interpretation and translation wherever needed.

ASL sign interpreting service

Conference Interpreting

ICS has professional, spotlight-ready sign language interpreters and translators available to travel wherever needed to ensure equal-access for your conference, convention, or summit attendees.

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Tips for Working with Conference Interpreters

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    Request a conference interpreter at least a month or more in advance. ASL sign interpreters fill their schedule in hourly increments so confirming an interpreter with full-day or multi-day availability becomes challenging with less notice.

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    Submit all presentation materials including Powerpoint presentations, agendas, speeches, videos, music, and visuals to an ICS coordinator as soon as they become available and no less than one week in advance to the request.

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    On the day of your conference or convention, have printed presentations materials available for the interpreters as well as other necessities such as water, bathrooms, and meal breaks.

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    Anticipate the interpreter arriving 10-20 minutes prior to your request. Ensure they have all necessary parking and security clearances so they are not delayed in arriving.

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    During the conference, remind presenters to speak normally and enunciate.

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    Ensure the interpreters are well positioned to hear the presenters and be clearly seen by the audience. Have chairs ready or reserve seats near where the interpreters will be stationed for them to sit on breaks and comfortably alternate while working.

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    Prepare for interpreters to alternate every 15-30 minutes to avoid fatigue and errors. Interpreters will look to switch on a natural transition in your agenda unless one is unavailable.

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    If you intend to show a video, ensure you have captions on or notify the interpreters in advance if captions are unavailable. Ensure the interpreters are well lit so they may interpret in lieu of captions. If lights are turned out during the media, a spotlight on the interpreter or similar solution will be necessary. Ideally, limit interpreted media to 15 minutes as it is fatiguing for Deaf and hard-of-hearing participants to follow two sources of information.

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    We can also translate the sign language into text or speech for your immediate or future perusal. Our conference sign language interpreters and translators work as a team to deliver outstanding results.

Translating Sign Language In Online Conferences & Business Events

Translating ASL is not easy, especially if you’ve to do it on the spot like in a live conference in front of a mixed audience ( including deaf and hearing). But you can count on Inclusive Communication Services ( ICS) for accurate and expert conference sign language translators. 

We study and translate an extensive language library based on American Sign Language that includes body movements, facial expressions, and finger/hand shapes.

The translated text is displayed as a chat dialogue on the big screen to assist those who don’t know sign language.   We can use multiple screens— each for deaf and hearing audiences— to communicate the same message.

Be it education, healthcare, banking, or any other industry, we have professional and proficient sign language interpreters and translators for conferences to run smoothly and effortlessly. 

We can provide real-time captions and translation services for conferences. So, next time you have any business conference or event with a target audience that has differential capabilities to communicate and understand sign language, you do not have to look past ICS for an excellent experience. 

Let’s plan your next conference. Speak to one of our representatives at (347) 927-5770 or write to us at

Frequently asked questions

There are dual reasons behind having a team of sign language interpreters at a conference.

  • Firstly, sign language interpreting is an exhausting job and drains your energy fast. Having a team of two or more interpreters allows them to switch the position at brief intervals of 15-30 min.
  • Secondly, it ensures that you have a supporting interpreter to maintain the accuracy and quality of the sign language translation and provide effective communication without any error.

Yes, we have a team of certified and experienced sign language translators for conferences and other business events.  They work along with ASL interpreters to provide on-the-spot translation and caption services to the deaf and hearing people in the audience.

We maintain the highest quality standards for ASL translations and caption services. Our services should be scheduled a minimum 6-hour before the conference. It allows us enough time to plan and provide you the best sign language translator for the job. This policy is non-negotiable and standard for all interpreting agencies in the United States.