Know Thyself – Know Your Role

Description: This workshop is closed safe space for Black American Sign Language Interpreters. As a community we focus on sharing knowledge and engaging conversations about knowing yourself, your skill and your qualifications to accept interpreting assignments. There are times when we, especially, Black interpreters, are the best fit for an assignment due to our skill, knowledge, certification and experience. We explore ways to build confidence in yourself so that you feel qualified to accept an assignment. When you are not the right fit, but wish to apply yourselves to that space, we discuss opportunities for growth and development.

Educational Objectives:

  • Participants will brainstorm their individual strategies for determining when they are a good fit for an interpreting assignment
  • Participants will identify three characteristics that they may not have considered that they may not have considered that make them uniquely qualified for specific interpreting settings
  • Interpreters will be encouraged to set measurable goals to improve their competency to work in preferred interpreter settings
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