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Inclusive Production of “POLYLOGUES” In New York City

Polylogues is an interview-based solo show that investigates real people’s experiences with nonmonogamy—and love in all its forms. Writer/performer Xandra Nur Clark is more like a medium than an actor, listening on headphones to interviews while performing them. By providing anonymity to each interviewee, Xandra channels voices and stories that could never be heard if the storytellers’ identities were known. The result is a vibrant, intimate community forged on and off the stage through a wide range of perspectives—from a polyamorous senior to a child worried about her open parents, from a resident of a commune to an evangelical swinger, and from the fully committed to the cautiously curious. Polylogues examines what 21st century humans want in relationships, what we’re afraid of, and the many ways we are capable of loving beyond what any single one of us can imagine.


The following Accessible performances will be available:

October 1, 2021 American Sign Language Interpretation Interpreters: Candace Davider and Christine Quinton Use code ASL for $20 tickets.

For additional information about accessibility for Polylogues or if you have questions, need assistance, or accommodation, please contact or

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