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On the left side there is an image depicting a female form in a cross legged yoga pose with the 7 Chakras illuminated in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet from the bottom up. On the right it reads in pink text, Yoga and Vision Board Party with the date 2/12/2023 written below along with an annotation of the location it will be held. 669 Malcom X Blvd. NY, NY 10037.

Relax Your Mind, Body & Soul To Center Yourself For The Future

Join with Yoga and Vision for a free community Yoga session. This event is Bring Your Own Yoga Mat (BYOYM) and we suggest you bring your own water bottle and small towel as well. The event is free but donations are appreciated! RSVPs are a must since space is limited.

Yoga begins at 2pm -3:30pm.

Build your own Vision Board Party begins at 3:45pm – 5:45pm.

Please bring your own magazines or images to cut out for the vision board. Other materials such as a poster board will be provided.


669 Malcom X Blvd. NY, NY 10037
669 Malcom X Blvd. NY, NY 10037

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