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Language barriers exist in the world of Deaf, Deaf-blind, or hard-of-hearing consumers but that should not stop you from serving them like any other individual. 

With our American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters and translators, you can be assured that your consumers will learn exactly what you wish to convey.  We are fast and proficient in what we do and deliver excellent results every single time.  

We have a team of more than 100 certified sign language interpreters, translators and captioners to help you effectively and accurately communicate via local sign language, transcription, and many other services. 

For all your business communication needs with the deaf community, reach out to the best sign language service agency near you in New York City —Inclusive Communication Services (ICS).

About Us

Inclusive Communication Services delivers ADA compliance with professional sign language interpreters, translators, caption services, and accommodation consultations to create accessible events and encounters. Committed to ethical, individualized, and inclusive accommodation practices, ICS professionals omit the anxiety of language boundaries to make your next show, meeting, or presentation distinct and engaging.

Believing that inclusion is a fundamental human right, ICS is committed to providing affordable, flexible, and customizable services to meet any budget or timeline. Don’t let your organization or business be inaccessible to the Deaf, Deaf-blind, and hard-of-hearing.

Founded and operated by professional sign language interpreters, ICS is committed to ensuring every service request is an inclusive experience!

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Our Services

ICS contracts hundreds of trained and qualified sign language interpreters, translators, and caption providers with an array of specializations and certifications. In line with our mission, ICS professionals are committed to providing accurate and wholistic services that fully encompass every consumer’s communication needs.

From business and government interpreting services to video remote interpreting, picture-in-picture translation, or CART captioning, ICS will custom select the perfect team of professionals to make your event, meeting, or production an inclusive experience!

Why Us

We are on a mission to improve inclusion in the communities we serve by being an affordable resource for premium sign language interpreting, translation, and caption services

Fast turnarounds

You can book a local interpreter, translator, or caption provider in as few as 6-hours before the event.

Affordable rates

Transparent pricing and customizable service packages to suit all budgets – no hidden costs, ever!

Expert Interpreters, Translators, & Captioners

ICS screens all its service providers and only contracts qualified specialists with reputable track records in the Deaf community.


Our goal is to improve inclusion in the communities we serve by offering a variety of affordable service options to match any budget, timeline, or need.

Need a professional sign language interpreter or translator?

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Check out what our NYC sign language and transcription customers are saying about their inclusive experience with us!
Drew and Elinor T Vanderburg of underlords

What a joy it is to work with ICS! The ICS Coordinator was an incredible guide as we began our rehearsal process for Dancing Girl, our bilingual stage adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. We couldn’t have done it without their leadership and foresight. They know their team exceedingly well, and introduced us to a stellar group of interpreters whose specialties aligned with the specific needs of our project, down to the day. The result manifested in consistent and supportive practice rooms and an inclusive production that changed the lives of both our team and our audiences. We feel so lucky to have worked with ICS and can’t wait for the next project.

Drew and Elinor T Vanderburg of underlords
Emily Schmitt (Director of The Chalice)

ICS absolutely saved the day for me when I was looking for an interpreter for a theatrical rehearsal. [The Interpreter] blended seamlessly into our rehearsal process and made everyone, especially our Deaf actor, feel comfortable and taken care of. We would not have been able to do it without ICS!

Emily Schmitt - The Chalice
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Inclusive Communication Services, Inc., [has] allowed me to open up my productions to include an audience that, most often, is forgotten about or find it difficult to attend a theater show…

Timothy Walsh
Streetlamp Productions Logo

I have used their services several times and have always been impressed with their knowledge and their professionalism as ASL Interpreters.

Streetlamp Productions

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