Video Media In-frame Interpretation & Voiceover

Interested in making your video content accessible to a wider audience? Add an in-frame, professional ASL interpreter or visual description voiceover to deliver a synonymous translation of your auditory or visual content.

Video Media In-frame Interpretation & Visual Voiceover

Picture-in-Picture Interpreter 

Have a recorded webinar, presentation, or promotional video you’re interested in sharing? Looking for it to reach a larger audience?

With nearly 5.5 million employees with disabilities in the United States – a comparatively high proportion of whom are self-employed or small business owners – adding a picture-in-picture sign language interpreter, text captioning, or visual description voiceover to your video media is a great way to increase views of your content and awareness of your brand.

Don’t let potential customers or followers find your content inaccessible. Media accommodations are an affordable way to expand your viewer audience while demonstrating your commitment to inclusion and equal-access.

How does Video Accessibility Services work?

It’s simple! Just send your video media content to for a project quote within hours. Our in-house video accessibility talent team takes care of as much or as little of the post-production process as you see fit, including:

  • translating and recording the auditory content for the sign language interpretation;

  • creating time-synced captioning in one or more languages;

  • designing and recording visual description voiceover for the blind and low-vision;

  • editing, formatting, and overlaying the in-frame sign language translation, captions, and voiceover onto your original video media.

How long do video accessibility services take?

Depending on the length of your content, most video media can be equipped with an in-frame sign language interpreter, captioning, and visual description voiceover in as few as 72-hours! Expedited turnarounds are available by request.

Don’t let your video media go unnoticed! Set your content apart with a picture-in-picture sign language interpreter. 

It’s fast, affordable, and inclusive!

Sign language, Captioning, and Accessible Media Services

Premium accommodation services for the Deaf, Deaf-blind, blind, and hard-of-hearing. Available in Person and Online!

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Need a professional sign language interpreter, caption provider, or media translator?

Making ADA accommodations simple and inclusive!

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