Visual Audio Description Voiceover (AD)

Interested in making your video content accessible to a wider audience? Add an audio description voiceover to deliver a synonymous understanding of your media’s visual content.

Visual Audio Description Voiceover (AD)

Audio Description ServicesWith nearly 5.5 million employees with disabilities in the United States – a comparatively high proportion of whom are self-employed or small business owners – adding visual audio description voiceover to your video media is a great way to increase views of your content and awareness of your brand.

Don’t let potential customers or followers find your content inaccessible. Media accommodations are an affordable way to expand your viewer audience while demonstrating your commitment to inclusion and equal-access.

How Do Audio Description Services Work?

It’s simple! Just follow the steps below to customize your services. Within a few hours, our accessibility team will review your request and send a detailed project estimate. You can email for questions, changes, or updates to your request.

Sign language, Captioning, and Accessible Media Services

Premium accommodation services for the Deaf, Deaf-blind, blind, and hard-of-hearing. Available in Person and Online!

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Need a professional sign language interpreter, caption provider, or media translator?

Making ADA accommodations simple and inclusive!

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