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What is Business & Government Sign Language Interpreting?

Put yourself in a situation such as a department meeting, an employee training, or a high-profile government discussion. Imagine an essential part of the team, be it the CEO, associate, or new employee, being excluded solely because a proper accessibility accommodation was not provided. This is why, in addition to complying with their obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), businesses and government offices must provide qualified sign language interpreters for their Deaf, Deaf-blind, and hard-of-hearing workforce as a reasonable accommodation for the employees’ equal-access and inclusion.

Government and business interpreters have particular skills that allow them to effectively interpret between Deaf and hearing personnel in a variety of settings. The ADA obligation to provide proper accommodations encompasses any and all work-related gatherings, meetings, training, or assessments, as well as any and all correspondences pertaining to work-related disciplinary measures or employee benefits.

With the help of a sign language interpreter, a Deaf, Deaf-blind, or hard-of-hearing employee can be equally included in their workplace, be it in a business or government setting. When properly accommodated, employees experience a removal of the barriers to inclusion and overall equal-access, allowing for improved performance as employees focus on unlocking their highest capabilities.

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Who Benefits from Business & Government Sign Language Interpreting?

Imagine a scenario in which an ideal job candidate is overlooked solely because they were not provided a qualified sign language interpreter during their interview. A company passed on a potentially invaluable addition to their team because of a resource oversight. An organization can reap a multitude of benefits simply by having the forethought to schedule a qualified sign language interpreter for their business or government events, meetings, and interview procedures.

A sign language interpreter in the business setting helps bridge any communication gaps, whether at formal meetings or informally around the watercooler. Professional ASL interpreters are prepared to adjust to what’s safely required of a workplace setting, whether it be sitting, standing, crouching, or running as necessary to ensure proper equal-access. As a result, employees are able to communicate, collaborate, and focus better, uninhibited by communication barriers.

Interpreters in the business world are aware that misunderstanding in the workplace can have major consequences for their clients. They have an exceptional command of both standard English and American Sign Language, including business terminology, metaphors, and idioms. Effective communication calls for a Business Interpreter that is well-versed in business practices and jargon, exudes professionalism and is at ease in a fast-paced, ever-changing work environment. Business and government interpreters bridge communication gaps by facilitating the comprehension of meetings, training sessions, and interviews with Deaf and hearing workers.

Because Deaf workers make up a minority of the workplace, it’s natural for managers and other employees to have questions about how they can best work with their Deaf colleagues. It is crucial that their coworkers and superiors are aware of the best practices to include and accommodate them. When incorporating a professional sign language interpreter into your organization for the first time, you may consider allowing the interpreter to explain to your team the proper way to use an interpreter. This is also a great opportunity to empower your Deaf and Hard-of-hearing employees to share how they prefer to be accommodated, including how to communicate when the interpreter is on break, out for lunch, or otherwise unavailable. This collective approach to equal-access and inclusion is valuable to any team dynamic, whether in businesses, government, or political setting.

Why is Business & Government Sign Language Interpreting Important?

Companies should aim to make themselves easily accessible to anybody in their local community, requiring minimal effort to request ADA accommodations and, when possible, providing general access accommodations even when they’re not formally requested. This is why government offices and enterprises of all sizes employ an accessibility officer or work with an external accessibility company to manage their accommodation requests and services.

If you’ve recently employed a Deaf or hard-of-hearing employee, it is your responsibility to ensure they have reasonable resources to succeed in their role. As a result, it may necessary to regularly incorporate a sign language interpreter in your office to ensure that all parties involved feel valued, recognized, and treated fairly. People who are Deaf, Deaf-blind, and hard-of-hearing bring a unique perspective to the table and can help strengthen the team as employees work together to ensure everyone is included. When businesses invest in Professional American Sign Language (ASL) business interpreting, they provide Deaf workers a chance to unleash their unique talents in the workplace.

Because of the rich diversity of the government and business sectors, management is likely to encounter clients, vendors, and workers who have hearing loss. It’s crucial that organizations partner with a qualified accommodation service provider, such as Inclusive Communication Services, to efficiently manage their accessibility needs. Maintaining open lines of communication benefits not just the organization’s workforce but also its customers and consumers.

Being accessible to clients with hearing loss and consistently providing equal-access accommodations has been shown to boost sales amongst the Deaf and hard-of-hearing. If businesses make an effort to be equally welcoming and inclusive, they can find a wealth of untapped potential available.

Why Choose Inclusive Communication Services for Business & Government Sign Language Interpreting?

Misunderstandings in the workplace and in government settings are simply not permissible. This is why partnering with a credible accommodations agency, such as Inclusive Communication Services, is imperative. ICS screens and interviews all its sign language interpreters to ensure they provide the best quality professional business and government interpreting services for the diverse workforces we accommodate.

Our coordination staff are all professional sign language interpreters and accessibility consultants, affording them unique insight and expertise in pairing qualified interpreters with Deaf, Deaf-blind, hard-of-hearing, and late deafened consumers. We know how important it is to have business and government conferences, summits, and meetings go smoothly. Our service coordination team will manage the research and preparation of the accessibility accommodations needed for your big event so that your team can focus on bigger priorities.

In order to do their jobs effectively, our business sign language interpreters study and prepare diligently before a job to ensure for an optimal service experience. Our skilled Business Interpreters arrive to an interpreting assignment with the proper mindset, respect, and etiquette appropriate for the workplace. ICS’s Interpreters have a genuine interest in making inclusive experiences happen among hearing and Deaf coworkers so that the company as a whole thrives.

To accommodate a wide range of commercial, corporate, and government needs, ICS is proud to offer trained and credentialed Business Interpreters in the New York area. We streamline the whole service request procedure for scheduling sign language interpreters so that providing equal-access is never an inconvenience.

To learn more about how we can bring inclusivity to your business or government organization, reach out to an accommodations coordinator!

Sign language, Captioning, and Accessible Media Services

Premium accommodation services for the Deaf, Deaf-blind, blind, and hard-of-hearing. Available in Person and Online!

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Tips for Working with Business & Government Interpreters

Captions & Sign Language: Business & Government Events

Translating spoken language into sign language or text captioning is not easy, especially if on the spot in front of a mixed-ability audience of Deaf, Deaf-blind, hard-of-hearing and hearing participants. But you can count on Inclusive Communication Services to provide accurate and quality business and government accommodations that afford equal-access to your spoken message via qualified sign language interpreters, media accessibility talent, and caption providers.

  • Our sign language professionals are versed in a variety of Sign Language modalities and forms, including all the body movements, facial expressions, and signs incorporated into this complex language. Sign language interpreters are available to appear on-stage, on-screen, or as personal interpreters to ensure equal-access and inclusion of personnel with hearing loss.
  • Our media accessibility talent includes professional sign language interpreters, caption providers, and voiceover artists that ensure all aspects of your media – whether visual or auditory – are accessible to those with hearing loss or vision loss. Media accessibility talent can add an in-frame interpreter, multilingual captioning, or visual description voiceover with a multitude of customizations to meet any communication or accommodation need. The end result is an inclusive media product that’s completely accessible to your mixed-ability audience!
  • Our caption services are available as a general accommodation or individual accommodation, depending on the needs of your workplace or audience. For open-caption services, the transcribed audio is displayed as text on the meeting’s PowerPoint or screen to provide equal-access to those who do not utilize an interpreter. For closed-caption services, our providers can issue private links that open in discreet windows for those who are late deafened or hard-of-hearing to have equal-access to the auditory message.

Whether it be about education, healthcare, or finances, Inclusive Communication Services has accommodation professionals including proficient sign language interpreters, premium accessible media talent, and top-quality caption providers to ensure your business and government events run smoothly and inclusively.

Let’s start planning your next event! Speak to one of our representatives at (347) 927-5770 or write to us at>.

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