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Consecutive Interpretation

The go-to mode of interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation (CI) is a perfect choice for small-sized meetings. CI allows for precise communication when the details really matter. Our interpreters are discrete, professional, and meticulous in their translations. Consecutive interpreting offers serious advantages over other modes of interpretation as it requires no specialist or complex equipment, making it perfect for involved and interactive environments such as negotiations.

One important thing to keep in mind when hiring a consecutive interpreter is that this mode requires an inevitable lengthening of the meeting or presentation in order to accommodate for the interpreter.

In planning an event where an interpreter will be present, it is important that those involved or attending the meeting or gathering know ahead of time that a consecutive interpreter will be there. This is to ensure that the pauses needed for the interpretation can be considered before-the-fact and that the meeting or presentation can be planned accordingly. Consecutive interpreting is often not the right choice for situations in which more than two languages are being spoken, or in which the speaker is unable to pause in order to accommodate the interpretation – as is often the case in conferences or large seminars.

The structure of a meeting involving Consecutive Interpreting is as follows: first the speaker speaks, then the interpreter, and then the speaker again. This pattern repeats throughout the length of the session. Consecutive interpreters often interpret at regular intervals of 2-5 minutes, but may also speak after each speaker is done in more conversational settings.

Most consecutive interpreters work with minimum session lengths, most often two hours.

ICS offers Consecutive Interpreting for French, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Belarussian, Ukrainian, Yiddish, and Romanian.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Unlike consecutive interpreting where the interpreter speaks during the natural pauses that occur during conversational turn-taking, simultaneous interpreting occurs at the same time as speech. This mode of interpreting is ideal for use during large conferences.

One of the first things one thinks of when one thinks of simultaneous interpreting is the United Nations, and while this is a fantastic example of simultaneous interpreting in action, its usage doesn’t stop there, but rather extends to seminars, press conferences, and other large multilingual gatherings.

Interpretation is a difficult skill to master, no matter which mode the interpreter works in, however, simultaneous interpretation can leave interpreters more depleted than other modes and interpreters oftentimes work in teams and switch off at regular intervals depending on the length of the interpretation session. This can make simultaneous interpreting a more expensive option.

In addition to the added cost of simultaneous interpretation, another drawback is the lack of room for further clarification about what was said and having to make instantaneous decisions about what was said; this means that for the most part, clients are not able to ask questions or interject during the interpretation session. This makes sense for large gatherings where one person is presenting information to an audience. However, in situations where discussion is encouraged, consecutive interpretation is often the better choice.

Similar to consecutive interpreting, most simultaneous interpretation is done with minimum session lengths of one to two hours.

ICS offers Simultaneous Interpretation services in Russian.

Conference Interpretation

If planning a large meeting or conference wasn’t a headache enough, when the attendees speak different languages, it becomes an even more daunting task. ICS can help! Through our conference interpretation service, we can assess your language needs and arrange in-person or remote interpreting, transcripts, or document translation.

More large-scale than consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services, conference interpreting caters to businesses, corporations, and larger organizations. Conference interpreting can also allow more flexibility as interpreters can often find themselves switching between both modes.

In addition to consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services, ICS can provide translations for the circulated media within the conference, or translated text versions of presentations. If there is just one additional language needed, we can even offer captioning services for pre-recorded videos.

The provision of translation and interpretation services is a huge way that businesses and organizations can let their members know how much they care about them, and to signal how integral to their role is in these companies.

Each year, New York City serves as the backdrop for an immense number of international conferences. Let a company that knows our way around manage your interpretation needs. Our team is adept at scheduling and organizing – You’ll just need to show up.

Legal Interpretation

The seriousness of legal settings requires absolute precision of language. Certified legal or court interpreters understand the delicate nature of court and other legal proceedings and are dedicated to aiding all people in the pursuit of justice, regardless of their linguistic background.

There is an immense pressure on legal or court interpreters as their translations are unquestioned in the legal proceedings in which they interpret and it is integral that these translations are precise and unambiguous.

ICS takes pride in working with certified, well-educated, and experienced legal interpreters. Our rigorous screening process serves to eliminate whatever worries a potential client might have about working with a legal interpreter. Choosing to work with ICS means that clients are free to focus on other aspects of their situation, without the added stress of not understanding. Our interpreters are sensitive and non-judgemental.

Legal interpreting through ICS is available in French, Spanish, and Russian.

Escort and Travel Interpretation Services

Escort and travel interpreting can be prearranged for ease and comfort when traveling abroad. Interpreters with both cultural competence and native-level language skills can make even the most exotic of destinations seem less daunting. This is a service often used for business trips, but it can also be a perfect choice for those traveling alone, in a couple, or in a small group.

Travel can be daunting, and while some of the bumps in the road might be manageable – a few things are not, and not being able to get around due to a language barrier is one of them. Hiring an Escort Interpreter can alleviate this stress. The role of Escort or Travel Interpreter often overlaps with that of an assistant, and the interpreter can take care of making reservations and other similar tasks.

Inclusive Communication Services is based in New York, New York – one of the most traveled to destinations in the world. This allows us to service and maintain international as well as national connections.

Medical Interpretation

Despite the fact that 97% of physicians have patients who are non-English speaking, just 56% worked in practices with interpreter services. Miscommunication can have serious consequences for effective medical care–let our certified medical interpreters facilitate comprehensive care through accurate communication so you can focus on your health without worrying about translation errors or missing any details.

Health issues are difficult enough to deal with without a language barrier – let ICS facilitate communication in stressful health contexts in order to make the experience as smooth as possible for you and your loved ones. We guarantee professional, certified support in medical settings, be it at the doctor’s, a hospital, or other contexts in which interpretation about medical issues is necessary. Medical interpretation provides support to understand diagnoses, communicate with medical professionals about symptoms, inquire about treatments, and alleviate medical concerns that may arise at any time.

This service is suited for individuals who find themselves in need of someone to interpret during visits at the doctor’s or for hospitals and other healthcare institutions and professionals who would like to be able to offer interpretation services to their patients. This service is offered as a remote or in-person service depending on the needs of the client. All of our medical interpreters are experienced, certified, and discreet.

ICS offers Medical Interpretation services in Spanish, French, and Russian.

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

The de facto standard for interpreting throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, is still one of the preferred methods of using an interpreter. Our interpreters have acquired the expertise and experience needed to make sure that video remote interpreting is as smooth and seamless as its in-person counterpart. Most, if not all, remote interpreting is done using the consecutive mode.

Uses: It cannot be overstated that the Covid-19 pandemic changed the interpretation landscape and the in-person standard for interpreting has begun to shift. People are more careful now than ever before about making sure the risk of getting sick is kept to a minimum, and vulnerable populations in particular might prefer to avoid in-person contact whenever possible.

One of the biggest advantages that Remote Interpreting offers is that the talent pool of qualified interpreters becomes wider than ever, allowing one to utilize the best of the best.

This mode is also ideal for remote work settings, business trips, and other times when the circumstances make face-to-face meetings implausible.

ICS offers Video Remote Interpretation in French, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Belarussian, Ukrainian, Yiddish, and Romanian.

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