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Inclusive Communication Services is teaming up with Skillr!

ICS is going mobile with our exclusive partnership with Skillr! Now you can access the inclusive experience from anywhere with just the touch of your phone.
Connect with ICS’s top-quality interpreters, translators, and language teachers from anywhere and at any time!
Whether you’re navigating the streets of Chinatown, meeting with an international client, or taking your dream vacation, communicate fluently and confidently with credentialed language experts available when you need, where you need!

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about the partnership

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What is Skillr?

A reputable platform that looks to connect everyday individuals with qualified professionals and coaches.

Whatever skill or hobby you want help with, Skillr has an answer. In just one click, you can get one-on-one face time with someone who’s mastered the skill you’re looking to learn or utilize. Verified Skillrs and ICS interpreters and language teachers are vetted and approved, so you can be sure you have access to the very best!

How does It Work?

To get started with on-demand access to ICS’s portfolio of interpreters and language teachers, download the Skillr app from the Apple or Android App Store. Once downloaded, set up your profile in just 2-minutes. When you’re ready to connect, click the ICS channel to see ICS’s catalog of language services. Select the service you want and start a live video call with a qualified language expert in as little as 5-minutes!

It’s fast, easy, and accessible from anywhere! 

Don’t forget to use promo code [insert promo code] for 2-minutes of FREE services!

What are the benefits?


Affordable Language Access

No subscription fees or service minimums! 

Connect with an interpreter or language teacher on your schedule and only pay for the time you use. On-demand accessibility and language services with no contracts, no fine print, and no hidden charges!

Available Anywhere, Anytime

The Skillr app is accessible worldwide! With a variety of language experts available around-the-clock, now there’s no limitations to your inclusion! Connect with an on-demand interpreter or language teacher from your mobile device when you need, where you need, whether for:

● Business trips, traveling, and vacation
● Communicating with employees and coworkers
● Learning a new skill, hobby, or language
● Networking at conferences and conventions
● Presenting at business meetings
● Ordering food from your favorite restaurant
● Connecting with family and friends
● Asking for directions and navigation
● Talking with your for-hire service professionals
● Help with school work and language practice

While the Skillr app aims to encourage readily-available equal-access from the touch of your mobile device, it’s not appropriate for all settings. We do not recommend using the Skillr app for interpreting services in the following settings, for which an in-person interpreter should be requested:

● Medical and Healthcare
● Legal
● Law Enforcement
● Mental Health

Reliable Language Experts

Inclusive Communication Services works with a variety of diverse language experts who possess the training and credentials necessary to perform quality language services.

Empowered with the Skillr app, you can communicate confidently and effectively via an ICS interpreter, translator, or language tutor. Connect on a deeper level, and let ICS’s credentialed language experts handle the rest! 

Why Skillr?

Why is ICS Partnering with Skillr?

ICS recognizes that accessibility rarely follows a set schedule. In fact, the number one frustration of Deaf, Blind, and LEP (Limited English Procient) populations is the constant need to schedule their lives around available accessibility and interpreting service providers. Partnered with Skillr, ICS aims to solve this problem by providing an around-the-clock resource for quality, on-demand language services.

How Can I Become a Skillr Language Expert?

Earn money working from home on your own schedule! If you’re a qualified spoken or sign language interpreter or teacher, apply to join our portfolio inclusive professionals!

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