professional sign language interpreters, translators, caption providers


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Event Name



Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
415 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210


September 5, 2023 – September 8, 2023

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Services Provided

  • Onsite American Sign Language Interpretation: Provided for all staged sessions throughout the convention, including 4 main stages and additional sessions upon request.
  • Onsite CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation): Direct requests fulfilled within 1 week of the convention.
  • Live Stream Accessibility: Ensured optimal accessibility for the virtual attendance, with over 5,000 attendees participating remotely.
  • Onsite Accessibility Coordination: Managed a team of 10 accessibility professionals, ensuring seamless coordination throughout the event.
  • Consultation and Logistical Support: Regular check-ins and collaborative planning sessions designed to optimize the logistics of accessibility services.


HubSpot’s annual marketing conference gathered 11,000 business leaders and industry influencers worldwide for collaborative learning and networking. ICS was dedicated to delivering a seamless and inclusive experience for all attendees, ensuring accessibility on all stages, ad hoc sessions, and at the registration desk.


While the lighting was ideal for the onsite experience, the live stream displayed slightly darker visuals. Swiftly recognizing the discrepancy, our onsite coordinator promptly adjusted the lighting to ensure optimal visibility and quality for the audience.

professional sign language interpreters, translators, caption providers


Case Study INBOUND 3

Shelby and the Inclusive Team were fantastic partners on a recent event we produced in Boston. Professional, responsive, and competitively priced. We received great feedback from our clients and guests on the experience working with the interpreters. Thank you!

Case Study - INBOUNd


Benefit One – Accessible Conference Experience for Deaf and HOH Consumers

The accessibility services provided by ICS were complimented by Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HOH) attendees, ensuring their full engagement and participation in all conference events.

Benefit Two – Facilitated Collaboration with Stage Managers

The effective communication and coordination between our provider team and stage managers enhanced the overall event execution and accessibility.

Benefit Three – Streamlined and Inclusive Experience for All

The on-site accessibility coordinator successfully managed every aspect, from lodging/check-in and credentials to overall logistics. This approach created a singular point of contact (POC) for all accessibility services, streamlining the experience and ensuring inclusivity for all attendees.

Benefit Four – Strengthening INBOUND’s Inclusive Brand

By prioritizing and implementing comprehensive accessibility services, INBOUND has reinforced its image as an inclusive brand. This commitment to accessibility enhances the overall perception of the INBOUND brand, resonating positively with diverse audiences and contributing to a more inclusive event experience.