Sign Language Interpreting Services

Wherever life may take you, our ASL interpreters are ready to meet you and your communication needs. Contact us for a free quote!

No matter your NYC borough, our professional sign language interpreters are available to travel to your location to ensure your personal, effective, and efficient communication.

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Qualified and individually picked to match your patients’ needs, ICS sign language interpreters are prepared to make your patients’ appointments as personal as you do.

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ICS has professional convention-ready ASL transcribers, who will travel wherever needed to ensure equal access for all.

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Because borders should never be placed around your adventures, our ASL transcribers are prepared to connect you to cultures nearby and abroad.

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For that important event you wish to provide equal communication access to, our sign language interpreters come prepared to ensure your audience’s synonymous understanding.

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Trained in a variety of tactile, low-vision, and haptic (touch-signal) techniques, our interpreters have just the right “touch” for your Deaf-blind interpreting needs.

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Professionally trained and culturally sensitive to the needs of various religious backgrounds, our interpreters provide access for the Deaf and hard of hearing community to embrace and participate in their chosen religion.

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Professionally trained and sensitive to patients’ needs, our interpreters make emotionally vulnerable therapies, evaluations, and appointments ripe opportunities for mental health professionals to provide empathetic care to patients.

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Astute, unbiased, and confidential, our legal-trained professionals are prepared to interpret the law with the utmost accuracy for court appearances, attorney meetings, or depositions.

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In or out of the classroom, ICS interpreters are ready to provide equal access for all levels of education and associated events. From lectures to ceremonies and all that falls between, ICS interpreters have you covered.

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Spanish Sign Language (LSE), Greek Sign Language, Russian Sign Language (RSL), Ukrainian Sign Language (UKL), British Sign Language (BSL), or International Sign (IS). Whatever language you sign, we have an interpreter who understands you!

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Whether it be a preference or necessity, ICS is proud to offer ASL interpreting services virtually via Video Remote Interpreting. All that is required is a web-cam and an internet connection.

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Transcription Services

Wherever life may take you, our transcribers are ready to meet you and your communication needs. Contact us for a free quote!

Our caption services include word-for-word transcription in real time.

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Speech-to-text transcription that captures the essence of audio messaging in real time.

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Additional Services

Wherever life may take you, let ICS ensure you’re included! Contact us for a free quote!

ASL is more than just knowing how to fingerspell the alphabet. Let our experienced teachers take you from hearing to fluent with professionally tailored classes in-person or online to match your schedule.

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Interested in making your video content accessible to a wider audience? Add an in-frame, professional ASL interpreter to deliver a synonymous translation of all spoken content.

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With over 20 years of combined experience, our team is prepared to help you understand your legal obligations and accommodation options. For a limited time, schedule a free consultation over-the-phone, by email, or videochat.

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