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Sign Language Interpreting Services

Wherever life takes you, our sign language interpreters are ready to meet you and your communication needs. Contact us for a free quote!

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Video Remote Interpreting
Adaptable to any industry, ICS offers remote sign language interpreting and caption services for on-demand and COVID-conscious inclusion. Connect in as few as 2-hours' notice! All that's required is a camera and a stable internet connection.
More information about Video Remote Interpreting:
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Foreign Sign Language Interpreting
International Sign (IS) Russian Sign Language (RSL) Ukrainian Sign Language (UKL) British Sign Language (BSL) Spanish Sign Language (LSE) No matter your language preference, we have an interpreter to meet your communication needs!
More information about Foreign Sign Language Interpreting:
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Educational Interpreting
In or out of the classroom, ICS interpreters are ready to provide equal access for all levels of education and vocational training. From high school lectures to college ceremonies, elementary fieldtrips, and testing center exam translation, ICS interpreters are prepared to make your educational experience accessible and inclusive.
More information about Educational Interpreting:
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Legal Interpreting
Unbiased, professionally-trained, and bound to confidentiality, our experienced legal professionals are prepared to interpret the law with the utmost accuracy. For court appearances, attorney meetings, legal depositions, and more, our professionals remove language and cultural boundaries so you can focus on the legal details.
More information about Legal Interpreting:
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Mental Health Interpreting
Professionally trained and sensitive to each patients’ needs, our interpreters make emotionally-vulnerable therapy sessions, evaluations, and appointments prime opportunities for mental health professionals to provide empathetic care to their Deaf, Deaf-blind, and hard-of-hearing patients.
More information about Mental Health Interpreting:
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Religious Interpreting
Experienced and culturally-sensitive to a variety of religious backgrounds, our interpreters provide equal-access for your Deaf, Deaf-blind, and hard-of-hearing congregation members to ensure their full participation and inclusion.
More information about Religious Interpreting:
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Deaf-Blind Tactile Interpreting
Trained in a variety of tactile, low-vision, and protactile (haptic) techniques, our interpreters have just the right “touch” for your Deaf-blind interpreting needs.
More information about Deaf-Blind Tactile & Protactile Interpreting:
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Performance Interpreting
Whether for a play, recital, concert, or filming studio, make sure your audience sees all the hard work behind your cast's performance with our artistic, spotlight-ready sign language interpreters.
More information about Performance Interpreting:
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Interpreters for Travel
Because borders should never be placed around your adventures, our sign language interpreters are prepared to connect you to cultures nearby and abroad.
More information about Travel Interpreting:
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Conference Interpreting
ICS has professional, spotlight-ready sign language interpreters available to travel or connect wherever needed to ensure equal-access for your conference, convention, or workshop.
More information about Conference Interpreting:
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Medical Interpreting
Qualified and individually picked to match your patients’ needs, ICS sign language interpreters are prepared to make your patients’ appointments as personal as you do.
More information about Medical Interpreting:
Business & Government Interpreting
No matter your office location or security requirements, our professional sign language interpreters are available to ensure your team's synonymous understanding while prioritizing the confidentiality and integrity of your information.
More information about Business & Government Interpreting:

Sign language, Captioning, and Accessible Media Services

Premium accommodation services for the Deaf, Deaf-blind, Blind, and Hard-of-Hearing. Available in Person and Online!

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Real-Time Caption Services

Wherever life takes you, our caption providers are ready to meet you and your communication needs. Contact us for a free quote!

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CART Captioning

Available in-person or remotely, with open- or closed-captioning, and in over 50+ foreign language outputs, our CART captioning service produces a word-for-word transcription of all auditory information in real-time for any event or conference.

More information about CART Captioning:

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TypeWell Captioning

Available in-person or remotely and with open- or closed-captioning outputs, TypeWell speech-to-text captioning synthesizes the essence of all communication in real-time to ensure your participants’ synonymous understanding.

More information about TypeWell Captioning:

Sign language, Captioning, and Accessible Media Services

Premium accommodation services for the Deaf, Deaf-blind, blind, and hard-of-hearing. Available in Person and Online!

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Accessible Media Services

Ensuring your video and audio content is accessible to those with vision and hearing-loss.  Contact us for a free quote!

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Video & Audio Content Sign Language Interpreter

Create engaging, equally-accessible video and podcast content with in-frame sign language interpretation. Customize your interpretation with a hand-picked interpreter, a variety of backgrounds, and multiple target sign languages to localize your content to any country or region!

More information about Picture-in-picture Interpretation:

Audi Description Services

Visual Audio Description (AD) Voiceover

Make your video media content accessible to the Blind with Visual Audio Description Voiceover (AD). Our talented voiceover artists will record professional audio descriptions of your media’s visual content, including scenery, actions, and text, for equal-access to those with vision loss. Completely customizable!

More information about Audio Description Voiceover:

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Captions & Multilingual Subtitles

Increase your media’s audience with customizable caption and subtitle products. Our talented transcribers can caption videos with multiple speakers, advanced content, thick accents, and more! Time-synced, embedded directly into your video media, and available in multiple language outputs.

More information about Captions and Subtitles:

Sign language, Captioning, and Accessible Media Services

Premium accommodation services for the Deaf, Deaf-blind, blind, and hard-of-hearing. Available in Person and Online!

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Additional Services

Wherever life may take you, ICS has a service option to ensure your inclusion! Contact us for a free quote!

ADA and Service Consultations (FREE)
With over 100 years of combined accommodations experience, our coordinators are prepared to help you understand your optimal ADA accommodation solutions. For a limited time, schedule a free phone consultation with a coordinator to discuss your project and communication needs.
More information about ADA and Service Consultations >>
Video Media Translation & Description Voiceover
Interested in making your video content accessible to a wider audience? Add a picture-in-picture sign language interpreter or visual description voiceover to render a synonymous translation of your spoken, auditory, and visual content for those with hearing and vision loss.
More information about In-frame ASL Translation for Video Media and Post-Production:
American Sign Language Classes
American Sign Language encompasses more than simply knowing how to fingerspell the alphabet. Let our experienced teachers take you from hearing to fluent with professionally-tailored classes available in-person or online that match your busy schedule.
More information about American Sign Language Classes:

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