Village Hands: Interpreting Services on a Budget for the Deaf Community

interpretation services for the deaf communityIn a city that sways with the markets of Wall Street and the penny-pinching budgets of Accounting, language access services unfortunately become a forgotten priority for many meetings and events. However, at ICS we believe that neither finances nor schedule should prevent inclusion. Whether it’s offering pro-bono or reduced-rate services, we are confident ICS has an affordable solution that will match your budget. That’s why in 2019, we started Village Hands, an initiative focused on improving inclusion in the local community by removing the financial barrier that hinders many non-profit and Art organizations from providing equal access.

If you are a non-profit or theatre group unable to afford interpreting services, we encourage you to fill out the Village Hands application below, detailing both your financial limitations and service request. After submitting your application, an ICS coordinator will be in touch to further discuss your organization’s needs and a variety of solutions. Once approved to join the Village, your organization will be allotted a regular quota of pro-bono or discounted interpreting services for your quarterly use. No matter what the obstacle, we hope you’ll stand by providing equal-access and inclusion for the Deaf community.