Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in providing an inclusive experience with ICS. On this page we have compiled a number of frequently asked questions to assist you with scheduling and billing. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our team.

Scheduling Support

The quickest way to schedule your services is online by completing our Service Request Form. For last-minute or emergency requests within the next 48-hours, please call (347) 927–5770 to confirm your services with one of our knowledgeable coordinators. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email

You may change the date, time, address, or interpreter(s) for your service request up to 72-hours prior to the originally confirmed date. Any adjustment requests received within 72-hours of a scheduled service cannot be accommodated. Changes or updates to the on-site contact, service consumer, or assignment details can be submitted at any time prior to the request. You can submit all changes by directly responding to their interpreter service confirmation or by logging into your customer portal.

As per the best practices of the profession, all interpreting services are scheduled with a 2-hour minimum. This policy is non-negotiable and standard for all interpreting agencies in the United States.

If you or the service consumer has one or more preferred interpreters, you can request these interpreters by entering their name in the “additional details” section of the Service Request Form. Our coordinators will prioritize your preferred interpreters when filling your request and inform you if they are unavailable.

If you are unsure of which services would best accommodate your Deaf, Deaf-blind, or hard-of-hearing consumer, please call (347) 927–5770 or email to discuss your request with one of our ADA specialists.

As per the best practices of the interpreting profession, any request that exceeds 75-minutes of continual, simultaneous interpreting requires the assistance of a second interpreter for accuracy. All legal requests despite their length require two interpreters on the record for quality control. For transcription requests, all services are booked with one provider assuming only one dialogue requires transcribing. If you have multiple dialogues requiring transcription, additional providers will be necessary.

If neither you nor the consumer require the scheduled services, please immediately respond to your service confirmation email with a request for cancellation. Cancellations outside of business hours will be processed the next business day.

We value your time and understand that delays in our services affect your schedule. Our providers always aim to arrive 15-minutes early to their service requests; however, unexpected public transit and traffic delays can put our professionals behind. If your provider has not arrived within 15-minutes of your requested start-time, please call (347) 927–5770 to speak with one of our coordinators. We assure you that despite the provider’s arrival time, you will receive services for the complete duration you requested.

Yes. ICS depends on our customers to share their inclusive experience with others as part of our efforts to improve accessibility in our community. Current ICS customers may refer other individuals, businesses, or organizations to ICS by instructing the party to mention their name when scheduling services. In doing so, the new customer will receive 10%-off their first service request while the referring customer will receive 10%-off their next service request (up to 10-hours of service). This program has no limit, so we encourage you to share your experience with others in-person, online, or on social media and, begin racking up the savings!

Billing Support

For our customers’ convenience, ICS issues weekly invoices that itemize all services delivered between Sunday-Saturday of any given week. These invoices are issued no later than the Monday following the date(s) of service.

We understand that an organization’s cash-flow is critical to its efficiency. That is why we provide our customers with 50% more time to pay their invoices compared to other agencies. Net payment for all ICS invoices is due within 45-days of the invoice date.

ICS currently accepts payment via credit & debit card, check, and direct deposit (ACH). Payment can be made at the time of booking services, after services are rendered in the customer portal, or by mail. All mailed payments should be postmarked prior to the invoice due date to avoid incurring a late fee.

We understand that things do not always go as planned, that’s why we offer customers a one-time payment extension when they find themselves in a bind. If you are unable to submit payment on-time, please respond to your emailed invoice or send a separate email to before the invoice due date to request your one-time extension. Invoices that remain unsettled after the due date will incur a 5% late fee on the outstanding balance. This 5% late fee will compound with each additional 30-days the invoice remains overdue. Invoices that remain outstanding up to 6-months will be submitted for collections.

As a small, locally-based agency, ICS depends on customers’ timely payments to operate smoothly and compensate our professionals on time. ICS generously allots our customers 45-days to settle their invoices as well as a one-time payment extension. Customers who do not communicate delays in their payment or who fail to settle their invoices in-full and on-time will be assessed a 5% late fee on their outstanding balance once an invoice becomes overdue and an additional 5% fee for every 30-days the invoice remains overdue.

Just as many of us plan our vacations and appointments a month in advance, interpreters and transcribers likewise schedule their work one- to two-weeks prior to the service delivery date. Service requests that are received within 48-hours of the service date require additional time and resources to staff as fewer providers are available with such minimal notice. For this reason, requests that are scheduled within a 48-hour window are charged an “expedited” surcharge of 10%, while requests that are successfully scheduled within a 24-hour window are charged an “expedited request” surcharge of 20% for the total service quote.

Once you are certain you no longer require services, you should immediately reply to your service confirmation email to request a cancellation. Cancellations are only processed during business hours and are billed according to the date and time the cancellation email was received. Billing for cancelled service requests adheres to the following policy:

  • Requests scheduled 1-5 hours: cancellations received less than 48-hours in advance (business days) will be billed a two-hour minimum. Cancellations received less than 24- hours in advance (business days) are considered untimely and will be billed in full.
  • Requests scheduled 6-hours or more: cancellations received less than 72-hours in advance (business days) will be billed a two-hour minimum. Cancellations received less than 48-hours in advance (business days) are billed a 4-hour minimum. Cancellations received less than 24-hours in advance (business days) are considered untimely and will be billed in full.

Just as a surgery may require more than one doctor or a litigation more than one lawyer, some service requests require more than one interpreter. If you failed to secure or request two interpreters for a legal appointment or an appointment lasting longer than 75-minutes, then you were billed twice your original service quote for the interpreters’ additional time and energy. Similar to other policies, this is a professional standard within the interpreting field and is unfortunately non-negotiable. If you have any questions about this charge, please email