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Inclusive Communication Services provides professional and affordable sign language interpreting, spoken language interpreting, translation, caption transcription, and media accessibility services for the Deaf, Deaf-blind, Blind, low-vision, late deafened, hard-of-hearing, and Limited English Proficient (LEP) across the Northeastern region of the US, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Committed to ethical, individualized, and affordable accommodation services, ICS professionals bridge language and cultural differences to make your next event, meeting, or presentation distinct, engaging, and – most importantly – inclusive!

ICS proudly developed through the guidance of our local Deaf, Blind, and LEP communities. In this spirit, ICS aims to reciprocate our support by providing pro-bono services for non-profit and art organizations and through donations to underfunded schools for the Deaf.

For whatever your communication needs may be, ICS looks forward to providing you with an inclusive experience!

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Our Mission

Inclusive Communication Services’ mission is to improve inclusion and equal-access in the communities we serve by being an affordable, reliable, and quality resource for premium spoken and sign language interpreting, translation, captioning, and media accessibility services. Appreciating that everyone is compiled of a mosaic of cultures, languages, and identities, ICS commits to providing premium ADA compliance through reputable professionals prepared to understand and holistically match a variety of communication and visual needs. ICS is dedicated to further improving inclusion in our communities by contributing probono services to budget-restricted organizations and donating to inclusion-expansion efforts in underfunded schools for the Deaf.

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How It All Started...

Inclusive Communication Service was the inspiration of two interpreters, Tyler Herron and Shelby Edwards, who developed from students to professionals in New York City. Cultivating a knowledge of minority-sensitive and multiple disability interpreting, the colleagues recognized how these and other subcultural communities continued to be overlooked and overgeneralized in contemporary accommodation practices. 

Tyler and Shelby sought to improve inclusion for those with hearing and vision disabilities and the Limited English Proficient (LEP) in their community by creating an agency that would consider each accommodation consumer’s complete identity and language profile assigning the optimal interpreter, translator, or caption provider to match their needs. In 2016, Shelby and Tyler co-founded Inclusive Communication Services with a commitment to providing affordable, holistic, and reliable accommodation solutions in New York City.

Since its start, Inclusive Communication Services has expanded its accommodation services throughout the Northeast, becoming a dependable community resource for holistic and economic accessibility solutions. ICS continues to raise the bar for the accommodation profession through industry-leading commitments to ethical services, continued professional development, provider-friendly contracting, and community-supportive initiatives.

ICS is endlessly grateful to the New York Deaf, Blind, and LEP communities, without whom we would not have grown to where we are today!

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