CART Transcription Services

A word-for-word output of all auditory information through open- or closed-captions in over 50+ foreign languages.

Available in-person or remotely, with open- or closed-captioning, and in over 50+ foreign language outputs, our CART captioning services produce a word-for-word transcription of all auditory information in real-time for any event, meeting, or conference.

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What is Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) captioning?

The first decision you’ll need to make is whether you need a CART provider or a TypeWell transcriber. After that, you’ll need to decide if you’d prefer your captioner to be on-site or remote, if the captions should be projected (open-caption) or by request (closed-caption), and of course, provide the captioner with copies of any materials as far in advance as possible. If services are being provided on-site, the caption provider will need to be as close to the source of audio as possible and preferably to the action in general.

The biggest and most obvious difference between CART and TypeWell comes down to whether the consumer would prefer verbatim or a summary. CART results in a word-for-word transcript, while TypeWell results in a meaning-for-meaning transcript, removing things such as false starts, repetitions, basic corrections, and stutters.

When it comes to on-site captioning, it is vital that the CART captioner or TypeWell transcriber has the best audio possible. With remote services, an API is required as well as reliable internet. For the captions to be seen by the entire audience, a large projector or screen will need to be utilized. If the captions only need to be seen by a few, individual captioning devices, such as iPads, will need to be distributed.

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