Text-to-Speech Transcription Services

Text-to-Speech or Text-to-Audio transcription services provide auditory access to text and printed content for those who are Blind, low-vision, or experience vision loss without requiring any formal training in Braille or other accessibility techniques. With these services, those who are Blind or experience vision-loss can understand printed or visual content with independence. Text-to-speech can also make reading, writing, and learning more enjoyable for those with Reading Disabilities.

Note: This is not to be confused with Audio Description (also referred to as Visual Description) services, which provide equal-access to video media content. To learn more about Audio Description, refer to our Accessible Media Services.

What is Text-to-Speech Transcription?

Text-to-Speech provides an audio transcription of written text and visual content in the form of an audio file and can be used for a variety of purposes including meeting materials, theatre performances, museum tours, educational curriculums, books and literature, and internet content.

Text-to-Speech allows people who are blind or experience vision loss to access content through a human-generated or machine-generated audio transcription of the content. Additionally, the audio content will identify and specify nonvisual elements and information required to comprehend the material, including pictures, charts, graphs, and more.

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Who Can Benefit from Text-to-Audio Services?

Our text-to-audio services are designed to cater to Blind and low-vision readers from all walks of life, whether students, professionals, or customers and regardless of age or technical abilities.

However, not only those who are Blind and Low-vision can benefit from text-to-audio services. This accommodation provides considerable support to those with “hidden disabilities,” such as those with reading or learning disabilities. Even still, people without disabilities also embrace this solution as a part of a multitasking routine or as a resource to reduce the eye strain that comes with reading small print. Either way text-to-audio transcription serves as a highly useful solution that enhances accessibility for more than just those with vision loss.

Almost any content can be adapted with text-to-speech technology. We are the answer to your company’s audio document demands, no matter how large or little.

What does the Braille Transcription Process Look Like?

ICS partners with reputable text-to-speech transcribers to manage the accessibility of our clients’ content. By engaging trusted SOC 2 Certified partners, we’re able to guarantee the confidentiality of our clients’ documents while ensuring that our text-to-speech products provide quality equal-access to your target readers.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Inclusive Communication Services for your Text-to-Audio transcription needs:

  1. Submit your materials online, via email, or via our service portal to request a service quote within 24-hours.
  2. We review your materials and provide a quote, estimated turnaround, and additional recommendations for optimal accessibility.
  3. Once you engage our services, we transcribe your content into using credentialed and experienced transcribers.
  4. We use proprietary script and state-of-the-art synthesized voice technology to create the final audio documents.
  5. We submit the audio files to our Quality Assurance team for review of accuracy and completeness.
  6. We prepare your files for delivery in any of the following formats:
    1. Audio CD
    2. MP3
    3. Flashdrive
  7. We prepare your newly accessible content for shipping to one or more requested locations!
    That’s it – you’ve just provided quality equal-access to your content and signage!

Why Choose Inclusive Communication Services for Text-to-Speech Services?

We know that providing equal-access to your content can be overwhelming – we’re here to make it simple! With over 30-years of combined experience working with the Deaf-blind, Blind, and low-vision communities, Inclusive Communication Services is dedicated to ensuring your text content is accessible to everyone with quality-assured text-to-audio transcription services.

Providing equally-access for your workforce and customers is not only a business best practice but also a requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As the number of people with vision-loss continues to grow, businesses must ensure that their information is accessible and readily available in formats such as Text-to-Speech and Large Print. In working directly with low-vision consumers and prominent organizations for the Blind, ICS continues to set the standard for equally-accessible content, incorporating direct feedback from the readers we aim to serve.

Our professional transcriptionists and cutting-edge technology provide industry-leading accuracy and turnaround times. To make audio documents, we employ a custom script and the latest in simulated voice technology – providing a high-quality audio with minimal financial expense.

Text-to-Audio and Text-to-Speech are an invaluable resource for providing equal-access to the Blind and those with low-vision. Don’t trust your organization’s accessibility and Section 508 compliance to just anyone. Partner with an experienced accommodations provider and ensure you’re providing an inclusive experience every time! Our dedicated and professional service coordination team will oversee your project from start to finish, keeping you up-to-date every step of your way to becoming a more accessible organization! Contact us today to discuss your project, ask questions, or to request a quote.

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