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SUPPORT THE P.S. 347 MARATHON TEAM Event In New York For Charity

P.S. 347 The ASL & English Lower School PTA is excited to be an official charity partner for the TCS NYC 2022 Marathon. We have six runners who together will raise at least $21,000 for our school.

This amount is HUGE for us—it’s more than our typical PTA budget for the entire year! Every penny will truly make an impact on our community. As a Title 1 school, the majority of our families are Deaf and BIPOC, and many struggles financially for multiple systemic reasons. They don’t have resources to spare and depend on us for more than just basic education for their children. We’ll use our marathon funds to continue and increase our support of P.S.347 students and staff; add in arts enrichment programs; and contribute to our school pantry program, which helps our families who are most in need. Why support P.S.347?! Anyone who is part of our community already understands how special our school is. We provide a bilingual education that values American Sign Language and Deaf culture. Our students come from all over NYC to be a part of this special place—a place where hearing differences are the norm, and everyone feels like they truly belong. There are no other schools in NYC (and very few in the entire U.S.), where deaf/hard-of-hearing (DHOH) children, hearing siblings (SODAs), children of deaf adults (CODAs), and other family members can all attend together and know that their school, their teachers, and their classmates will understand and respect their home language and culture.


P.S. 347
225 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010, USA

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The event is finished.