Business Accessibility Services
Unleashing Business Accessibility:
Equipping Corporations for an Inclusive Future

At Inclusive Communication Services, we understand the importance of seamless communication in the corporate world.

We are committed to breaking down language and cultural barriers to create more inclusive workplaces, boardrooms, meeting spaces, and more.

In today’s business landscape, with its diverse talent, customers, and stakeholders, ICS is your partner in ensuring clear communication for all, including those in the Deaf, DeafBlind, Blind, and non-English speaking communities.

A Diverse Audience Deserves Inclusive Access

In an increasingly global business world, bridging the gaps between cultures, languages, and abilities is crucial to success.

Inclusive Communication Services champions inclusivity, ensuring that business events, from international meetings to regional product launches, are accessible to all.

Our seasoned accessibility professionals skillfully navigate varied workplace environments, offering valuable insights into business nuances and enriching professional interactions for everyone, including Deaf, DeafBlind, hard-of-hearing, and non-English speaking employees.

Our unwavering commitment to equal-access communication has established ICS as a trusted pillar of support in today’s globalized corporate world.

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Corporate Accessibility Services:
Tailored for Modern Enterprises
Businesses thrive when we remove obstacles to clear communication. ICS provides a comprehensive suite of accessibility services tailored to meet the unique demands of the modern corporate world.
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Sign Language Interpreting Services: Drive inclusivity across corporate settings, from brainstorming sessions and training workshops to product launches and shareholder meetings, with our expert sign language interpreters, empowering your Deaf, DeafBlind, and hard-of-hearing workforce and stakeholders to fully engage and participate.

Spoken Language Interpreting Services: Bridge linguistic gaps for non-English speakers with our highly qualified spoken language performance interpreters, ensuring simultaneous and seamless communication.


Document & Media Translation Services: Translate your promotional materials, show programs, advertisements, and social media content into multiple languages to make your event accessible to a global audience.

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Live Captioning Services: Provide real-time captions during your performance or production, enabling Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and non-native speakers to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Icon Subtitles
Accessible Media Services: Enhance the power of your corporate multimedia with audio descriptions for the visually impaired, multilingual subtitles, voiceovers for wider global reach, and in-frame sign language translation for Deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. Transform employee training videos and more with our comprehensive accessibility solutions, all from one streamlined service provider.

The Inclusive Experience:
Your Dedicated Conference Accessibility Coordinator

Creating an inclusive business environment goes beyond meeting standard requirements—it’s about providing exceptional experiences tailored to your unique audience.

At the core of our “inclusive experience” is a dedicated accessibility coordinator available around the clock, ensuring seamless delivery of our services and addressing your business’s specific accessibility needs.

From joining DE&I consultations and facilitating training sessions to assisting in accessibility preparation for corporate events, your coordinator is committed to providing expert guidance and equal-access solutions, as well as upholding compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Choosing Inclusive Communication Services isn’t just about ensuring accessibility; it’s about fostering a workspace where everyone’s contribution is recognized and celebrated.

Inclusive Communication Services:
The Gold Standard in Corporate Accessibility Services

When it comes to corporate accessibility, the right partner can make all the difference, so it’s important to choose a community-based organization with a proven track record of providing high-quality, reliable, and reputable services.

Discover why leading businesses trust Inclusive Communication Services for their accessibility needs:

Guaranteed Fluency & Expertise:
Effective communication is our strength. Our experienced, expertly trained business interpreters, translators, and captioners deliver customized accessibility services to meet the unique communication demands of your teams and stakeholders. They are familiar with corporate terminology, processes, and stakeholder interactions and ensure clarity and precision for corporate discussions, negotiations, and presentations.
Our team is primed for the demands of real-time, simultaneous services. Our accessibility providers are trained for fast-paced corporate environments, adept at facilitating interactions between all levels of your organization, from executives to clients, ensuring precise and timely communication.
Responsiveness & Agility:
Flexibility is our forte. As the corporate landscape evolves, our team is ready to adapt, providing seamless, high-quality accommodations and fostering inclusive communication throughout your organization.
Collaborative Approach:
Teamwork makes the dream work at ICS. Our coordinators work closely with your corporate teams, managing all aspects of accessibility requirements and ensuring seamless integration of services for meetings, presentations, and conferences.
Inclusive Communication Services:
Your Partner in Inclusive Business Communication

Committing to the communication needs of your diverse stakeholders, employees, and business partners not only showcases your dedication to inclusivity but also complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). With Inclusive Communication Services, you’re not just ensuring accessibility; you’re emphasizing your organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In an interconnected world, businesses interact with associates, clients, and teams from varied backgrounds, cultures, and abilities. We don’t just accommodate; we elevate accessibility, providing equal access to services and data.

Here’s how we seamlessly integrate accessibility into corporate meetings, events, or business endeavors:

Boardroom Meeting
Enhance participation in executive settings with accessibility services, including spoken language interpreting, sign language interpreting, multilingual document translations, and real-time live captioning.
Client Consultation
Ensure every client feels heard and understood regardless of language or hearing abilities with professional interpreting services, translated presentations, and live captioning for contract proposals.
Workforce Training Seminar
Make training inclusive with live captioning, professional interpreters for Deaf and non-English speaking employees, multilingual subtitles or voiceovers for videos, and translated written materials.
Product Launch
Broaden your audience reach at product launches with sign language interpreters, spoken language interpreters for international attendees or journalists, and translated press releases and product specifications.
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Trade Shows
Ensure accessibility at trade booths with sign language interpreters for Deaf visitors, spoken language interpreters for international visitors, translated promotional materials, and live captioning for multimedia presentations.
Networking Event
Facilitate inclusive networking with live captioning during panel discussions and keynote speeches, and Escort Interpreters for one-on-one interactions, ensuring no business opportunity is missed due to language barriers.
Award Ceremony
Make employee recognition inclusive with live captioning and on-site interpreters to ensure that all attendees can actively participate, whether they are accepting an award or celebrating a colleague.
Team-building Exercise
Enhance team-building with interpreters, ensuring everyone can participate equally and that instructions and interactions are clear to all, regardless of language or hearing capabilities.
Investor Meeting
Clearly communicate with potential global investors using spoken language interpreters, translated documents, and multimedia presentations with subtitles, voiceovers, and live captioning.
Media Event
Expand media reach with accessible press kits, multilingual subtitles, voiceovers, and audio descriptions. Ensure inclusivity during press conferences with live captioning and sign language interpreters.
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Shareholder Meeting
Maintain clear communication with shareholders through spoken and sign language interpreters, translated materials, and live captioning during presentations and Q&A sessions for on-site and remote attendees.

Commitment to Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure:
Safeguarding Business Integrity

At Inclusive Communication Services, we are committed to the highest standards of confidentiality and non-disclosure, tailored to meet the unique demands of your business. We understand the confidential nature of corporate dealings and we prioritize the protection of sensitive business information and proprietary data.

Our team of accessibility professionals, including our business interpreters and translators, are bound by stringent non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and a rigorous code of professional conduct. This ensures that all corporate communications, strategic discussions, and proprietary details are safeguarded with the utmost discretion.

Our steadfast commitment spans across various settings, from high-level board meetings and strategy sessions to routine business communications and post-meeting debriefs.

With Inclusive Communication Services, you can trust that your confidential business information remains secure, aligning seamlessly with your corporate protocols and legal standards.

Your peace of mind is, and always will be, our top priority.

Tips for an Exceptionally Inclusive Corporate Workspace

Consider these tips to ensure an accessible and inclusive business event:
  • Proactive Scheduling: Request accessibility services as soon as you schedule a business meeting to ensure the right professional is available to meet your ADA requirements. For larger events with unknown accessibility needs, opt to provide accessibility services for general access.
  • Venue Logistics: Expect interpreters to arrive 10-20 minutes early and ensure parking and security clearances for hassle-free entry. For large venues, collaborate with Deaf or hard-of-hearing attendees to optimize seating and interpreter placement.
  • Content Preparation: Share presentation materials, speeches, PowerPoints, or videos with your accessibility service coordinator early to ensure interpreters and captioners are well-prepared and familiar with your content.
  • Enhance Visibility: Place interpreters close to primary speakers and ensure visibility of all participants. Avoid backlighting with windows or lamps for sign language interpreters. Utilize integrated video captions for any videos that are part of your presentation. If captions are unavailable, inform interpreters in advance and maintain their visibility in any dim lighting.
  • Clear Communication: Promote single-threaded conversations, asking attendees to speak clearly and one at a time. Relay comments and identify speakers when a participant speaks out of a Deaf or hard-of-hearing attendee’s view. There is a slight delay associated with interpretation and captioning so allow a pause for participants to take notes, reference materials, or shift their attention.
  • Direct Interaction: Address Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and non-English speaking attendees directly, looking at them instead of the interpreter during conversations. Respect the interpreter’s schedule and communicate any necessary extensions to your accessibility coordinator promptly

Following these guidelines will help to create an inclusive experience for all attendees!

Empower Your Business with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Inclusive Communication Services

Inclusive Communication Services makes inclusivity effortless, transforming your corporate events and gatherings into spaces where everyone’s voice can be heard and valued.

Let’s work together to redefine the future of accessibility in a rapidly globalizing corporate world.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and start planning an inclusive business event that leaves a lasting impact.

Empower Your Business with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Inclusive Communication Services

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