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Unlocking Accessibility:
Your Partner for Inclusive Performances and Productions

At Inclusive Communication Services, we’re experts in supporting standout performances, productions, and entertainment events.

Whether it’s a captivating theater production, a mesmerizing concert, or a show-stopping performance, flawless execution is essential.

But an event’s success isn’t just about setting the perfect stage, it’s also about creating an accessible experience for Deaf, DeafBlind, hard-of-hearing, and non-English speaking attendees.

Our accessibility services prioritize inclusion and ensure that every audience member feels valued and connected to the experience.

A Diverse Audience Deserves Inclusive Access

Performances, concerts, theater productions, and entertainment events draw diverse audiences, including Deaf, DeafBlind, hard-of-hearing, and non-English speaking individuals.

Accessibility accommodations are essential for in-person attendees and those participating remotely via television, phone, or computer screen.

A dedicated team of accessibility experts promotes an environment where every attendee feels like an integral part of the event.

Inclusive Communication Services ensures that Deaf, DeafBlind, hard-of-hearing, and non-English speaking attendees can fully enjoy and participate in various performance settings, including plays, musicals, concerts, comedy shows, dance performances, magic shows, opera performances, film screenings, and fashion shows.

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Accessibility for All:
Elevating Your Performances and Productions
At Inclusive Communication Services, we believe an inclusive event considers every attendee’s needs. That’s why we offer a holistic suite of entertainment accessibility solutions to cater to diverse audiences:
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Sign Language Interpreting Services: Provide access to live performances, shows, and events through skilled sign language interpreters, delighting your Deaf and hard-of-hearing audience and delivering artful, impactful communication.


Spoken Language Interpreting Services: Bridge linguistic gaps for non-English speakers with our highly qualified spoken language performance interpreters, ensuring simultaneous and seamless communication.


Document & Media Translation Services: Translate your promotional materials, show programs, advertisements, and social media content into multiple languages to make your event accessible to a global audience.

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Live Captioning Services: Provide real-time captions during your performance or production, enabling Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and non-native speakers to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

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Accessible Media Services: Offer accessible media options, including picture-in-picture sign language translation, audio descriptions, and multilingual subtitles and voiceovers to make your live entertainment events and post-performance archives accessible to individuals with vision loss, hearing loss, or who are non-English speaking.

The Inclusive Experience:
Your Dedicated Entertainment Accessibility Coordinator

Creating an inclusive event goes beyond just meeting standard requirements—it’s about providing exceptional experiences tailored to your unique audience.

At the core of our “inclusive experience” is a dedicated accessibility coordinator available around the clock to address your event planning needs, including schedule changes or other issues that may come up during your event.

Consider your coordinator an extension of your event planning team, offering professional advice and equal-access solutions to ensure a truly inclusive experience. Your coordinator is on hand to join planning meetings and calls leading up to and during the event.

Inclusive Communication Services ensures accessibility, elevating your performance or production to new heights and creating an inclusive and unforgettable experience for all.

Inclusive Communication Services:
The Gold Standard in Performance Accessibility Services

Successful event accessibility depends on the right partnership. Collaborate with an organization that is rooted in the community with a proven track record of providing reliable, high-quality accessibility services.

Discover why event planners consistently choose Inclusive Communication Services for their accessibility needs:

Guaranteed Fluency & Expertise:

Effective communication is our strength.

Our skilled interpreters, translators, and captioners have extensive training, experience, and proficiency across varied arts and entertainment sectors, including dance, theater, music, poetry, and more, ensuring high-quality accessibility services tailored to the specific needs of your audience.


Our team is prepared for the challenges of real-time services for live performances.

Whether it’s interpreting or captioning, ICS professionals delve deep into performance details, artist backgrounds, setlists, and scripts to ensure clear and effective accessibility solutions.

Responsiveness & Agility:

Flexibility is our forte.

Your ICS team ensures professional, high-quality accessibility support that meets your evolving needs and elevates the entertainment experience so you can focus on managing the details backstage.

Collaborative Approach:

Teamwork makes the dream work at ICS.

Our coordinators integrate seamlessly with your planning team, working behind the scenes to manage provider arrivals, placements, preparation materials, and more. With our inclusive experience, your dedicated coordinator remains on standby to handle any changes or challenges.

Inclusive Communication Services:
Your Partner in Inclusive Performances and Productions

Committing to the communication needs of your diverse conference attendees not only showcases your dedication to inclusivity but also complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). With Inclusive Communication Services, you’re not just ensuring accessibility; you’re emphasizing your organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In an interconnected world, performances and productions attract individuals from various backgrounds, languages and abilities. We don’t just accommodate; we elevate accessibility and provide equal-access to entertainment experiences for Deaf, Deaf-Blind, hard-of-hearing and non-English speaking attendees.

Here’s how we seamlessly integrate accessibility solutions into entertainment event planning:

Plays, Musicals, and Theater

Integrate sign language interpreters, live captioning, and spoken language services to enhance the reach and impact of performances and productions.

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Elevate the concert experience with sign language interpreters positioned on-stage alongside performers and live captioning to visually share lyrics and comments in real time.
Comedy Shows
Create more inclusive comedy shows with sign language and spoken language whisper interpreting services.
Dance Performances
Sign language interpreters can be seamlessly integrated into dance performance choreography to provide a unique, inclusive experience for Deaf audience members, while live captioning helps convey the emotional depth of the performance for hard-of-hearing or non-English speaking attendees.
Magic Shows
Magic shows can be even more magical with sign language and spoken language interpreters, ensuring the magician’s instructions and comments are clear to all.
Circus Acts and Children’s Shows
Narration and announcements during circus acts and children’s shows are made accessible through sign language interpreters, complemented by live captioning displayed on screens or remote devices.
Opera performances
Opera performances become universally moving with the addition of sign language interpreting services and live captioning, allowing Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and non-English speaking patrons to enjoy the rich narratives and powerful vocal performances.
Film Screenings
Ensure comprehensive accessibility for film screenings with open-captions for Deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. Enhance non-English films with multilingual voiceovers or subtitles. For Q&As or meet-and-greets, our professional sign language interpreters provide equal access for Deaf and hard-of hearing audience members.
Variety Acts and Talent Shows
Boost the inclusivity of variety and talent shows by incorporating sign language and live captioning services, ensuring every act resonates with a wide audience and delivers a universally engaging experience,
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Fashion Shows
Fashion shows reach a global audience with sign language interpreting services, spoken language interpretation, and accessible media provisions.

Celebrating the Inclusive Experience:
Featured Clients

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Tips for an Exceptionally Inclusive Performance or Production

Here are our top tips for an accessible and inclusive entertainment event:
  • Set Performance Date(s): Identify the performance date(s) requiring accessibility services, either in response to a request from a Deaf or hard-of-hearing attendee or as a proactive inclusive measure.
  • Book Services Early: Contact an accessibility coordinator 2-4 weeks before your event. Early bookings ensure qualified professionals and sufficient preparation time.
  • Supply Key Materials: Share scripts, rehearsal schedules, character names, setlists, and other pertinent performance details with your coordinator. These resources empower interpreters to deliver precise interpretations.
  • Confirm Logistics: Review event duration, venue layout, and any open rehearsals with your coordinator. Ensure interpreters rotate every 15-30 minutes for entertainment clarity and to reduce fatigue. Your coordinator can help you plan rotations during natural breaks and transitions in the performance.
  • Designate an On-Site Contact: Appoint an on-site contact person, often a Stage Manager or Production Manager, as a liaison between your production team and your designated accessibility coordinator to facilitate technical setups and checks, manage lighting requirements, and communicate accessibility needs.
  • Engage with Accessibility Coordinator: Your ICS coordinator will reach out in advance of your event to discuss optimal interpreter or captioning placement, lighting adjustments, and equipment needs.
  • Team Arrival and Clearance: The accessibility team will arrive 15-30 minutes before the performance. Be sure they have the necessary parking and security clearances for hassle-free entry and setup.
  • Clear Communication: Ask performers to speak clearly and at a steady pace. Notify the coordinator of any foreign languages, indistinguishable or hard-to-understand audio, or fast-paced music or dialogue.
  • Media Captions: For video content, captions should be ready and enabled. For any video media without captions, reach out to your accessibility coordinator to request them.
  • Overcome Accessibility Stage Fright: Reach out to your designated accessibility coordinator with any questions or concerns. Your coordinator is available before and during your event to provide accessibility guidance and ensure a successful and inclusive performance.

Following these guidelines will help to create an inclusive entertainment experience for all attendees!

Elevate Your Performance Accessibility with
Inclusive Communication Services

Inclusive Communication Services makes inclusivity effortless, transforming your performance, production, and entertainment events into experiences where every note, line, and scene resonates with your entire audience.

Let’s work together to create an event that sets the standard for accessibility in the entertainment industry.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and plan an event that leaves a lasting impact.

Elevate Your Performance Accessibility with Inclusive Communication Services

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