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    Sofia was born and raised in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in Manhattan. A child of the arts from a young age, she spent her youth on a variety of stages, ranging from musicals to dance performances. While at Hampshire College, Sofia moved away from the performing aspect of the arts and into critical media studies, exploring the way identity shapes the art we make and consume. After college, she worked for Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, first in the world of Human Resources before transitioning to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access. Her passion lies in making spaces, both physical and virtual, accessible and welcoming to all.


    Born and raised in New York City with an extensive background in the performing arts and critical media studies.

    Awards and Achievements

    Bachelor’s of Art Degree from Hampshire College


    If your art isn’t accessible, it can’t be for the people.

    Hobbies & Interests

    Personal hobbies include writing, discussing film, making playlists, and petting cats.


    Specializes in Accessible Media, Client Relations, and Logistics Management.


    Sofia is available during business hours Monday through Fridays.